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Saturday, April 30, 2011

National University's Third Annual Eco Fair

"Save Green by Going Green"

National University's Spectrum Campus hosted the third annual Eco Fair Apr. 16. This year's theme was "Save Green by Going Green", and focused upon household products that promote energy sustainability.

Spectrum's main hall and front entrance were filled with over 25 companies and organizations promoting their products and services.

This year's fair wasn't short of entertainment, either. The musical group Caprice Strings, which was set up near the reception area, charmed visitors with melodious sounds of the violin, viola, and cello.

Among the groups represented at the Eco Fair was Project Wildlife, an organization that cares for injured or displaced wildlife including bats, raccoons, and deer. "We get about 10,000 animals in a year," said Project Wildlife volunteer Cindy Meyers. "And we rehabilitate and get them ready for eventual release."
In order to show visitors an example of the animals that Project Wildlife rehabilitates on a regular basis, Meyers brought along a Mexican Free-tailed Bat, which she referred to as an "animal ambassador". "This bat came to us five years ago and all the fingers in his left hand were broken," she said. Since the bat can no longer fly, Project Wildlife applied for a permit to keep him as a non-releasable educational animal.

In addition to the many organizations and companies present, there were several student presentations from an NU environmental science course, and from students of National University Academy, which is a charter school for K-12 students that utilizes several National University campuses.

The 2011 Eco Fair was planned and organized by professors Mike Maxwell, Melinda Campbell, Annette Cyr, Maryam Davodi-Far, Huda Makhkuf, and was sponsored by NU's Center for Cultural and Ethnic Studies, and Ssubi Beads.

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